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Must Haves – Beautiful Brushes

Finding make up brushes that work for you and apply your make up the way you want can be difficult purely because there are so many to choose from! I only buy from brands who are cruelty free, which includes those that only use synthetic hairs for their brushes.

As I am also a self confessed materialistic make up hoarder I always want the newest, prettiest brushes out there. If they don’t look gorgeous while working perfectly then I’m not interested!

I have so many brush sets from many different brands and these are my favourites – I use these brushes for my everyday make up routine and love the way they work (as well as the way they look!)


Spectrum ‘The Glam Clam’ (£59.99) – this
set contains 10 beautiful make up brushes with img_7112the added bonus of this absolutely ridiculous make up brush travel case shaped like a clam?? My inner mermaid went wild as soon as I saw this and I just had to have it. My favourite brush from this set is the ‘Large Domed Powder’ brush which I use every day to apply my face powder. It is so soft and fluffy and still distributes the product evenly over my foundation. This set is perfect for a ‘first’ make up brush set because it contains a different brush for all parts of the face like the angled lip liner brush. You can play around with these if you’re unfamiliar with using different brushes for various products and see what works best for you.

Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection
(£12-£22) – Real Techniques are one of my top brush brands, so when they brought out the ‘Bold Metals’ collection I had to try some of img_7121these gorgeous brushes. The eye brushes are silver and the face brushes are both gold and rose gold. They are such high quality brushes, hence why they range in price; from £12 for the eye brushes to £22 fr the larger face brushes. These are a little more expensive than a lot of brush brands, but I think the quality makes the higher price point worth it. The brushes are weighted so that when you hold them, they sit in the perfect position for application. I always think what is the point of applying expensive make up with cheap tools? The ‘301 Flat Contour’ brush is definitely my favourite out of the collection – because it is weighted it offers the perfect level of balance for applying and blending out the contour, without being too ‘heavy handed’.

Sedona Lace 12 Piece Professional Set
(£81) – This pink img_7123and black brush set is so built into my everyday make up routine now that I don’t know what I would do without it! The set contains 12 brushes as well as two brush pots which snap together to form a travel case. Although the price point may seem a little high, you really are making an investment – I use these brushes every day and they are still good as new after a clean. It even comes with a guide on how to use each brush which is perfect for your first set if you aren’t familiar with how to use different brushes. These brushes are really soft and feel amazing on your skin. It just goes to show how unnecessary animal hair brushes are – these synthetic brushes work perfectly. The ‘Eye Shading Brush 305’ is one I could not live without now – it is so perfect for different eye shadow looks.

It’s really important to keep your make up brushes clean especially if you have spot prone skin. I use the Elf ‘Daily Brush Cleaner’ every time I use my brushes – just give them a quick spray and wipe them on a piece of kitchen towel. This is a really affordable product, costing just £4.50. It is worth purchasing this to keep your brushes in perfect condition.

These are just a few of my favourite make up brush brands. Using animal hair for make up brushes is completely pointless when there are so many amazing synthetic options out there.





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