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Fake Tan Favourites

As an Essex girl, fake tan is just part of the lifestyle – the darker the better! Despite what stereotypes may suggest, we don’t actually want to be orange…but it doesn’t always work out that way. These are my ‘Tried and Tested’ Cruelty Free fake tan favourites at three different price points for a flawless, non-orange tan – no matter what your budget is!

Before applying your tan make sure you shave and also exfoliate everywhere you want to tan to avoid a patchy finish. Moisturise dry areas like the elbows, knees and heels before applying – and make sure you have no other products on your skin e.g. deodorant. Always use a mitt to apply the tan in a circular motion on your skin – I find this helps to get a ‘streak free’ tan. If you are doing a ‘full body tan’ make sure you have a friend close by to help you tan your back…a white back and bronzed body is never a good look!

St Moriz ‘Instant Self Tan Mousse’ (£3.50 for 200ml) – For such a cheap price, you can’t go img_7146wrong with St Moriz. I usually use the shade ‘Dark’ but the ‘Medium’ shade is also great if you aren’t quite ready to be totally bronzed. This is a mousse and needs rinsing off after it has developed – the guide colour is quite obvious. I also find that this tan gets ‘ruined’ quite easily, especially on a night out. If you spill any drink on yourself, or if it rains (nightmare!) then your tan will get splash marks or patches. However, for £3.50 it is a really good tan and I would recommend this to people who aren’t used to wearing fake tan as you don’t need to spend a lot to play around with and see what shade works for you (and whether you actually like a fake tan on yourself!) I always keep a bottle of this handy for an emergency last minute tan.

Fake Bake ‘Flawless Self Tan Liquid’ (£11.95 for 170ml) – This is definitely my favourite ‘img_7147same day’ fake tan. If I need to be bronzed by the evening I’ll get this on as early as possible in the morning – I don’t ever feel the need to rinse this
off once it has developed, it’s the perfect colour already. I really like this tan because it is a liquid rather than a foam which I find easier to apply. This tan also comes with a free application mitt which works really well with the tan and lasts a long time if you give it a quick clean every now and then. I find this tan lasts really well after application and I rarely get streaks or patches. My only complaint is that it, like most fake tans, smells very strongly of that weird ‘biscuity’ tan smell…so worth it though!

St Tropez ‘Self Tan Express Bronzing Mousse’ (£33 for 200ml) – You have to be patient with this tan, and when you are it is so worth the wait…and price! This is a really good tan because it is essentially three shades in one mousse. You apply the mousse and then wait img_7145either 1, 2 or 3 hours before rinsing it off, depending on how dark you want the final result to be. This is perfect for many different events because you can wash it off after 1 hour and have a subtler tan and, or you can leave it on for 3 and be extra bronzed. When I first applied this and rinsed it off I was really disappointed because I thought it hadn’t worked at all…then I woke up the next morning and was so shocked. This developed over night despite having been rinsed off, and was the perfect colour I was looking for. So if you are patient with this tan and make sure you apply it the day before, it is amazing. The tan lasts a really long time as well so is perfect for a holiday base tan.



You can really use any mitt you like to apply your tan, but my personal favourite is the St Tropez ‘Applicator Mitt’ for £4. It works to allow you a smooth application without streaks. I think if you are spending the money to get St Tropez tan, you should get a good mitt. As long as you rinse your mitt in warm water every few applications, it will last a long time.


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