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Food Review: The Chilli Banana


The Chilli Banana is one of the best restaurants that I have had the pleasure of trying since moving to Cheshire. With locations in Liverpool, Macclesfield, Wilmslow, Bramhall and Didsbury, it is a gradually growing chain with a lot of potential.

I had never experienced Thai food before last year, but having since visited several times, I can safely say my first try was a success! The meals are all cooked fresh to order on the premises, offering healthy dishes suited for all. I am often found guilty of ordering the same meals on each of my visits, but only because I love them so much!


We arrived just after 1pm and were taken to our table where we decided to order from the ‘Street Food Lunch Menu’ which runs from noon until 3pm. This menu consists of two deals: the ‘Lunch Express’ (£9.45); any small plate, followed by any rice or noodle dish, and the ‘Lunch Special’ (11.95); any 2 small plates, followed by any rice or noodle dish.


For my starter, I decided on the exciting ‘Nua Det Deow’; strips of marinated rump steak served with a chilli and garlic dipping sauce (pictured above). This is one of my best loved starters and as usual, the meat was cooked well – not too chewy or overdone. The garlic and chilli sauce has a very intense and hot flavour, it has been known to send people into a hot sweat! A small salad was served alongside the dish, I used the remaining dipping sauce to give it a bit of flavour.


Chicken Pad Krapow is my favourite main available at The Chilli Banana (pictured above). The first time I had it, my mouth was on fire – however this didn’t put me off! Due to meals being made fresh to order, the spices are different each time, therefore when ordering Pad Krapow for a second and third time, I found the flavours to be gentler. You are given a choice of chicken, beef, pork or vegetarian tofu, and they are all served with steamed rice. If the flavour is too overwhelming the rice helps to soften the spices!

The lunch time deals both finish with the option of jasmine tea or coffee, and as I am no fan of coffee, I always opt for tea. Being a fond lover of all things green tea, this option is right up my alley. It is both fragrant and gentle – perfect after a spicy meal!

The Chilli Banana do provide a takeaway menu, one that I am yet to try, which includes a variety of the dishes available on the main menus.
The Chilli Banana’s full range of menus are all available here.






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