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The first Fantastic Beasts film comes out this month with Eddie Redmayne taking the lead, but it has just been announced that Johnny Depp has been cast and the rumours are flying.

Film series Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, is set in a magical 1920s New York in the same world as the Harry Potter films.

Not too long ago JK Rowling hinted that Dumbledore could make a return in the spin-off films as he was alive then. When she hinted this she also said that the Fantastic Beast would go on for at least five films.

In these five films she plans to explore the history of one of the most infamous dark wizards pre-volvermolt called Gellert Grindelwald, who we know from Harry Potter was a close friend (and maybe lover) of Dumbledore.

However, it was announced with week that Johnny Depp has been cast for the second film which has left fans frantically trying to work out what his character will be.

Twitter investigators have looked into the slight glimpse of Grindelwald we got in the first trailer and seem to think it could be Johnny Depp.


On top of this, Warner Bros recently brought out a video explaining Fantastic Beast’s connection to the dark wizard creating even more hype around the character.

Ezra Miller, who is in the upcoming film, says: “Think about it… Fantastic Beasts takes place in 1926, which is around when Grindelwald was beginning his attacks across Europe, which might be connected – might not be connected, but might be connected to Grindelwald’s rise to power?”


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