Darren’s Drunk Dating Advice! 2

Lesson 2:

Q: My boyfriend’s parents caught us having sex. He said to me they were out for the day but they randomly came home early. I was naked in the front room. It was all really awkward and I didn’t know what to do. Now his mother clearly thinks I’m a bit of a skank and his father won’t even look at me. My boyfriend keeps telling me I’m over thinking things and that they are in fact okay with me. I don’t like going to my boyfriend’s now. Recently he has invited me to be his plus one at family gathering, should I go?


A: We’ve all been in that situation- I think (hope). Well, I have in the past with a guys grandparents. If you’re in it for the long run with this guy you need to clear the air with his parents ASAP. Find out what the dad likes e.g. football or fishing or something gender stereotypically appropriate and have a chat about that to show him you’re a normal person and not a sexual deviant. The mother situation could go two ways, she’ll either hate you forever or want to be really nice to you to make you feel welcome. Depends on the type of mother really. Lets be real here though you are a bit of a skank…in the most loving way possible. Anyway, try talking to her, compliment her food or home.

Definitely go to the family gathering. Show off that you’re your partners partner; it shows that you are in a serious relationship which will hopefully mean the parents will easy up on you. Plus it’s a chance to get the rest of the family onside… just don’t get caught giving him a blowie in the toilets.

Just try an chilax a bit, its no biggie. Everyone has sex, just in future don’t have sex in the living room of your boyfriends parent’s place before you’ve met them or built a relationship with them.

All the best,






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