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Must Haves – Sensitive Skincare

Having a skincare routine is so important for me – what is the point in buying expensive make up without looking after the base you apply it to?

I have quite dry, sensitive skin, and have found that all of the following products help to keep my face moisturised, without being too rich and irritating my sensitive skin. All of the skin care within this routine is cruelty free.

Charlotte Tilbury ‘Take It All Off’  img_7274(£24) – this is perfect for removing eye make up, especially the hundred coats of mascara I usually have on! The bottle is really handy for applying to cotton wool – you simply shake the bottle, place some cotton wool on top and push down. I like to us an eye make up remover first, as I think some products can irritate your eyes which can be sensitive. I love this product because it works really well without being too heavy or rich.

img_7312ELF ‘Skincare Daily Face Cleanser’ (£8) – I use this cleanser first thing in the morning or after I have removed all my eye make up at night. I massage the product onto dry skin, before rinsing off with warm water using a face cloth. It removes my foundation really well and my skin feels really clean after using it. This is quite a ‘cheap and cheerful’ cleanser but I think it works really well and is perfect for daily use.img_7309


Pixi ‘Glow Tonic’ (£18) – This is the best skin care
product I have ever used! I don’t think I could live without it. ‘You’re on a desert island and can have 3 things from home’ – Pixi Glow Tonic, top of the list, every day. I use this to tone after cleansing my face. Ever since I started using it I have noticed a huge difference in the texture of my skin; muc more ‘toned’ and a more even complexion. As I have sensitive skin I find some toners irritate my skin, but the ‘Glow Tonic’ always leaves my skin feeling nourished.

First Aid Beauty ‘Ultra Repair Cream
’ £9 – I’ve found its important to use a different moisturiser in the morning and evening. This First Aid Beauty cream is really moisturising, without being oily, which is perfect for using in the morning before applying my primer and make up. I find that a ‘night cream’ type moisturiser can be too rich to use before my make up.

Pixi ‘Beauty Sleep Cream’ £24 – Another Pixi product just shows how much I rely on their skincare range now. I love this moisturiser – it smells amazing and when I wake up in the morning my skin feels hydrated. This is a little more expensive than the rest of my skincare, but I think it is worth spending that bit extra on if you have dry, sensitive skin.



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