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Morphin into marriage- Watch this gay couple propose

Its morphin time into engagement for James and Anthony.

There’s no denying that cosplay is a huge subculture with many people choosing to dress up as characters from all different kinds of shows, films, books and games.

James and Anthony are avid Power Rangers cosplayers. They dress up as many different rangers from the many series of Power Rangers there has been over the years.

Writing on the viral Facebook video, James said: “You guys know that Anthony and I never do anything mediocre, we always have to be over-the-top!” James said.

“So, with that said, he had to make sure that the next step in our lives was more than special, it had to more Morphinominal!”

“Today, we are announcement our engagement! I said yes! Rangers Together, Love Forever! #Love #RangersForever #LoveForever”


Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi How adorable is this? I’m sure Zordon would approve.

Watch the morphological engagement video here:



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