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My ‘Go To’ Luscious Lipsticks

Here is a list of my favourite lip products at the moment including lipsticks, stains and glosses. All of the products within this list are cruelty free.

Lime Crime ‘Velvetines’ – £16 – These had to be first on my list of img_0062favourite lip products! The Velvetine liquid lip stains are amazing for all day wear and I hardly need to touch up my lips after eating or drinking. The two colours I have here are ‘Red Velvet’ which is a gorgeous, bright red, and ‘Riot’ a brownish red. I find these are both great for the day, and can be dressed up for a fancier look. They last so well and don’t leave my lips feeling dry. I will definitely be purchasing more Velvetines in the near future!

Lime Crime ‘Unicorn Lipsticks’ £14.50 – The packaging of the Unicorn lipsticks are absolutely to die for! If you’re as materialistic as I am these will be perfect for you. I have them in the shades ‘Great Pink Planet’, a milkshake pink, and ‘Poisonberry’ a deep-ish purple. These smell incredible and I love wearing them on occasions when I know I can touch up my lips – lipsticks do not stain your lips like a liquid lip. These Unicorn lipsticks have been discontinued in production as a permenant product but they are available sometimes (e.g. for Black Friday).

img_0064Too Faced ‘Melted Liquefied Long Wear Lipstick’ £19 – I have this lipstick in the shade ‘Melted Berry’ and I like to wear this on a casual day as it is a little more subtle but still has a really nice colour to it. It feels really silky on my lips and doesn’t leave them feeling dry afterwards – which some lip products can. This product has a nice scent and really easy application.

LA Splash ‘Waterproof Liquid Lipstick’ £11.95 – this lipstick is from the ‘Day of the Dead’ collection and as you can see the packaging is absolutely gorgeous. I have this in the shade ‘Milagros’ which is a browny gold colour. This lipstick is so pretty – the gold shines through in certain lights. This was a colour I never thought I’d go for but its probably my favourite liquid lipstick now!img_0065

Jeffree Star ‘Lip Ammunition’ £16 – I’m a huge fan of Jeffree’s liquid lips, so when he brought out these lipsticks I had to try a few. I got two; starfish and beauty pageant. I absolutely love starfish it’s really pigmented and looks really bright on my lips. Beauty pageant looks great on top of other lip products but I don’t like to wear it alone. I love the formula of these lipsticks and will definitely be trying more. The packaging is stunning and they smell amazing!


Jeffree Star ‘Velour Liquid Lipstick’ £16 – These liquid lipsticks are gorgeous and come in so many great colours – lots of classics as well are colours I never would have thought of for lips. I own ‘Blow Pony’ (the purple one) and (from left to right) ‘Posh Spice’, ‘Unicorn Blood’ and ‘Celebrity Skin’. Jeffree Star has colours for literally every occasion and I want his whole collection! These lipsticks smell incredible, each colour has a unique smell. They also take ‘all day wear’ to a new level…I once fell asleep in Unicorn Blood and woke up with a full blown Marilyn pout. Check out Jeffree’s holiday collection for some cute, festive lip shades.

Rouge Bunny Rouge ‘Sweet Excesses Glassy Gloss’ £24 – I have a ridiculous bunny obsession so when I found there was a cruelty free company img_0066called ‘Rouge Bunny Rouge’ I just had to try it out. I have this lip gloss in the shade ‘Rhubarb Custard’ and I wear this most days. It’s so easy to apply and looks great after just one quick coat. The colour is a ‘rhubarby pink’ and is perfect for everyday or special occasions. This is by far my favourite lip gloss product that I own and i will be trying more of their products out.

ELF ‘Pout Perfector’ £4.50 – I actually got this gloss free with an ELF order (Never get an ELF order when they don’t have a free gift offer on…no doubt one will be coming very soon!) but at such a cheap price point I will be rebuying this. It’s great for just chucking in your bag and keeping there if you forget to put a lip product on. At £4.50 its perfect for that as if you lose it you aren’t losing a £20 lip stick! The applicator isn’t my favourite but the colour is really nice (Glow) – a baby pink with a little shimmer and sparkle in it. I would recommend this if you want a cheap gloss to keep in your bag or even just as a great every day lip look.



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