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What’s Behind Door Number 3?

TriStar Pictures

Hiding behind Door Number 3 of our Christmas Film Advent Calendar is a 1993 Rom-Com classic, beginning at Christmas and continuing beyond.

Although not entirely set around the holidays, the vibes from this film will definitely warm your heart when it’s cold outside, with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks starring as Annie and Sam in this ‘fairy tale’ on film.

The story starts with Sam’s son, Jonah, calls into a radio talk show on Christmas Eve and shares his wish that his father will find a new wife after being widowed for a year and a half. His wish ignites an eruption of letters from listeners of the show, and plenty from women offering their hand in marriage. Among these is a single letter from Annie Reed, a reporter from the Baltimore Sun, who was captivated by the radio message from Jonah and becomes convinced that her destiny for her and Sam to meet. Cue lots of deliberation, doubt, and multiple near-misses that pull on your heartstrings and you have a great feel-good romance film, perfect for the holiday season.


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