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What’s Behind Door Number 9?

Columbia Pictures

Behind Door Number 9 lies a 2004 Christmas Comedy and family friendly film.

Based on a John Grisham story, this film tells the tale of a couple who decide to skip Christmas for a year, since their daughter is away. Their neighbours don’t approve, and clearly voice their opinions. Everything changes when their daughter changes her mind and suprises her parents by deciding she is coming home for Christmas – on Christmas Eve. Suitable, although slightly over the top (it is a Christmas film after all), panic ensues, as the couple try to prepare for their daughter’s return with their usual level of celebration.

With Tim Allen and a nearly unrecognisable Jamie Lee Curtis playing the main couple, Luther and Nora Krank, the film is predictably funny and gives a message about Christmas, instead of focusing on what Christmas is. It’s definitely worth a watch during the festive season when cheese and light humour are welcomed with open arms.


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