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What’s Behind Door Number 11?

20th Century Fox

You can’t have a Christmas Film Advent Calendar without having this Christmas staple on it somewhere. Door Number 11 reveals the definitive Christmas action film.

Hitting theatres in 1988, this movie kicked off a whole series and brought a new style to the action genre, as well as a new actor. Nowadays, you can’t think of action movies¬†without thinking of this hero.

Set at a Christmas Party, the film follows a NYC Cop’s struggle against the wrath of terrorists in LA who have his wife, as well as many of her colleagues, held as hostages. Can he free them from the clutches of Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman) and save the day?

This is a classic movie, and is an essential watch during the Christmas season, providing a welcome break from heart-warming tales with some good old brawling, guns and bad guys.


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