Hello, and welcome to BabbleBrains!

Babblebrains is a loose mix between a personal and lifestyle blog, created by four final year creative writing students, who are all interested in writing for the media. We contribute in different ways, discussing wildly varied topics from a diverse collection of perspectives.

We want to share our opinions and write about what interests us to a wider audience.

Our idea is based around our voices, publishing our work under our own names, rather than by categories. This way, we get to be ourselves and have a fair share of our site. It means our readers can get to know us as individuals instead of a group.

We’d like to introduce ourselves to you so, in alphabetical order…


Hi, I’m Darren. I’m pretty much the mess of the group. To sum up me and what my posts are going to be about in a couple of sentences is proving to be a challenge but here goes; I’m a gay, gender queer, millennial who probably has a little bit too much to say. So maybe that wasn’t so hard after all. I’m also a bit of a social media whore so don’t forget to follow me on my Twitter/Instagram @DiaryOfDarren


I’m Kirstie and as a massive animal lover, I was horrified when I saw how many cosmetic brands still test on animals or use animal products within their range. I was determined to completely transition to only using ‘cruelty free’ products (bye bye to Mac!) without having to compromise on the quality of my make up. I’ve done tones of research, tried and tested dupes for all the products I used to use and discovered some amazing, glittery, gorgeous products in the process. Hopefully in the future, more companies will choose to stop animal abuse in the name of beauty, but for now I will share all the tips I can on how to choose kinder companies.


Hey, I’m Romany. I’m a proud feminist and you’ll never find me without my nose in a book. I spend the small amount of free time I get awh-ing at cute cats on Instagram, accidentally napping or watching Netflix. I’m a fan of organisation, a slight perfectionist and I’m normally always late (much to the annoyance of my ‘the earlier the better’ friends). I suck at writing blogs, please be nice to me.


I’m Sian, aka massive foodie! I’m quiet and reserved, but boy, can I eat. I’ll be reviewing my favourite restaurants and sharing some best-loved recipes that are easy to cook from scratch. Aside from my slight obsession with food, I have a weakness for animals and all things cute. When I’m not writing or stressing over deadlines, I volunteer at a local animal sanctuary; it’s such a rewarding experience and one very close to my heart – so expect the occasional post about cuddly kittens!


We’re pleased to meet you and hope you enjoy our posts!

The BabbleBrains